Mesquite Marching Festival at Memorial Stadium

Saturday, November 7

We will meet at Memorial Stadium.  You are responsible for providing your own transportation to Memorial Stadium.  Once we have finished performing, you will need to be picked up at Memorial Stadium.  We will not be providing bust transportation from MHS to Memorial Stadium or back to MHS.  We have a game at Memorial Stadium the night before the Mesquite Marching Festival.  After the game, we will load our gear on the trailer and it will remain at the stadium overnight.

8:00 AM     Trailer opens – begin unloading your gear

8:30 AM     Meet at the trailer with all your gear

                   You will need to be in uniform:  band moisture shirt, band cap, long black dress pants

                             Long black socks, black shoes

                   Based on weather, you may wear a hoodie or jacket for rehearsal only if necessary.

                   We will stretch and have a music warm-up in the parking lot.

8:50 AM     Begin moving into stadium

9:00 AM     Rehearsal begins in Memorial Stadium

10:00 AM   Rehearsal over – move equipment back to truck

                   This is time to hydrate, eat a snack, and use the restroom.  Bring your water jug.

                   Do not leave the stadium!!!!

10:45 AM   Meet at the trailer- Full Uniform with all necessary gear (no hoodies or jackets)

11:05 AM   Warm-Up Begins

11:55 AM   Performance for the Mesquite Marching Festival

12:05 PM    After performance meet at trailer

                   We will have a brief meeting with the entire band and then be dismissed

                   Load gear on trailer

1:00 PM      Trailer departs for MHS

                   If you have gear on the trailer, then you MUST return to MHS to unload the trailer

1:15 PM      Trailer opens at MHS, unload your gear, store in band hall

1:45 PM      Band Hall closes (you must have your gear off of the trailer and stored by this time)

Students working the festival will need to provide their own ride back to Memorial Stadium for their work shift.