8 September 2020

Band Fee Payments

You have two options for band fee payments:  pay online or pay in person (with an appointment).

Charms ( is how we track your band fees account.  In-Touch is the system we use to receipt payments from you.  It is important that you understand the difference.

Whenever you wish to know the status of your band fees account, you need to review that information in Charms and not In-Touch.

#1:  Pay Online through In-Touch on the MISD website

Go to this website:

Follow the instructions to log in.

Click on Pay Fines/Fees

Select the Band Fees for the 2020-21 School Year that you are paying for and use your debit/credit card to make payment.  The items should be pre-assigned if you submitted your fee sheet last week.  If you submit the fee sheet this week, please allow 24 hours for us to input information prior to attempting to pay for items.  Please do not click on Items At Student’s School and select items to pay for as you may select items from a previous year.  It is very important that we receive the fee sheet from you prior to paying for items.  If your account states you owe money from last year’s band trip or a partial amount of an item from last year, please ignore that at this time

#2:  Pay on Saturday, September 12

You must register for a payment time here:

There are sign up slots for 5 students in a 10 minute window.

We will be receiving payments at the MHS Band Hall.

Instructions about where to enter/exit the building will be posted later this week.  Payments may be made in either cash (exact amount please), money order, or debit/credit cards.

If you are paying with a debit card from Chase Bank, please inform them prior to your appointment about making payment.  The In-Touch system is regularly denied by Chase Bank for debit cards.  When that happens, you will have to inform Chase to allow payment and then retry in 5 minutes.

Please be on time for your 10 minute slot.

You will not be allowed into the building without a mask.

Band fee sheets must be submitted to the MMB directors PRIOR to your appointment so that we can have all information in the payment system.  If we have to enter your information into the system on Saturday, this will cause a delay in us being able to process payments in a timely fashion.

You can purchase a flip folder (or folio folder) from Music & Arts or Amazon.

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Music & Arts: